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April 23th | 5:30 PM

The Chelsea Chamber of Commerce

308 Broadway,

Chelsea, MA 02150

Explore Chelsea Strong in 2024! This year, Chelsea Strong is revamping with innovative seminars. Imagine a space where learning is inspiring and transformative! We return with a creative and completely innovative concept that will make each seminar a unique experience. 

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Meet the Host

Mark is a seasoned attorney with over 17 years of experience, dedicated to supporting clients from all walks of life. His expertise lies in real estate and small business transactions, ensuring success for his clients in these critical areas.

Mark leads a team with a strong regional presence, boasting offices across Massachusetts (Chelsea, Worcester, and Plymouth) and reaching beyond state lines with a location in Miami, Florida. This diverse reach allows Mark to serve a wider client base and accommodate their individual needs.
Beyond legal expertise, Mark champions a team environment that reflects the global community they serve. The team proudly offers language skills in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Haitian Creole, fostering clear communication and trust with their clients. Mark’s commitment extends to fostering a culture of growth within his firm, actively seeking opportunities to build strong relationships and promote talent from within.

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